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how to know we are getting heart attack|how to prevent heart attack|what does a mini heart attack feel like|heart attack treatment|early signs of heart disease

how to know we are getting heart attack|how to prevent heart attack|what does a mini heart attack feel like|heart attack treatment|early signs of heart disease

How to know a heart attack?
In today's period heart disease has become common and has reached a very dangerous situation - most people believe that there is no sign of this disease but it is not the fact - there are several common symptoms of Heart Attack, but the heart attack Most of the people who are unaware of these symptoms, even late - often when these symptoms appear in patients, they ignore them and do not treat them- but doing so is synonymous with suicide - Here you will be able to tell a few symptoms that occur even before a visit to a month and in the light of their light. Services can be treated and are safe from a heart attack

Choking and breathing problem:

If you are not asthma patients, but still face difficulty breathing or stirring, these signs indicate some diseases, one of which is also a heart attack - feeling dizzy There is a common sign of visits and heart diseases, especially when you are feeling stubborn and breathing as well.

Continuous illness:

If you often have anxiety, diarrhea, illness, or illness of disease, it also indicates a heart attack or a hit-by-heart disease - you must know your doctor about this. Please

Chest pain:
Chest injury is a very common sign of a heart attack and fortunately, people often know about it - this pain caused by a heart attack can also be a sign of different reasons in which Muscle exposure, vitamin or mineral deficiency - According to medical experts, heart attack pain is on the right side of the chest or slightly on the left side of the middle-

Jeremiah Pain:
Anxiety pain such as neck etc. can also be stimulation of a heart attack - this pain occurs in parts of the body which do not seem to have any apparent heart- it may be possible to start the pain between the chest. Happened to the spreading neck or jaws - some patients have to face severe pain in their neck and jaws in this condition-

The quality of irritation also indicates heart disease - if the heads are heavy and unhealthy are coming, then the chances of increased increases, and you have real heart disease. In particular, special care needs to be taken away

Reduction in lead pressure:
If you are suffering from a decrease in blood pressure, it is also a clear indication of a heart attack - often patients are suffering from the pile or seeing them as if they are semi-unconscious. I am in a quality

Heart rate disorder or sharpness is also associated with respiratory problems, weakness, and dizziness, and three of these signs indicate sudden attitudes - sometimes these symptoms can be a cause of a hart. Therefore, it is important to treat them - ignoring them can cause harm

Fatigue and weakness
Threats and weaknesses are symptoms that show that you can become a victim of heart attack in the near future - According to British Heart Foundation experts, female fatigue or weaknesses are more likely to suffer, or sometimes both of these symptoms are women in one It is found - but it is a dangerous situation because it is also a clear indication of Heart Attack.

Cold sweat:
Patients who have become the victim of the first Heart Attack, have to face cold peppers before they get a heart attack, even if they are noticed in sweat-if you see such a situation, then the patient should immediately reach the hospital so that Potential Heart could be protected from Atak.

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